Famometer is defined as – It is a measure of your fame, wealth and power you possess to make a difference in the world.

Famometer is a place where resources meet talents.

Everyone has a desire to be famous, rich and successful. Famometer, Inc. provides a platform to support this basic need by allowing people to share their achievements and accomplishments with everyone in the world.

In addition, Famometer, Inc. helps small businesses to be famous by bringing them to as many people as possible at affordable cost and to enable users to find great deals with minimum efforts.

  • Famometer is the House of Deals! You will always find great discounts and best possible deals on major products at Famometer.
  • Famometer enables small businesses to advertise their businesses FREE or at low cost while utilizing maximum potential of social media networks.
  • Famometer provides a platform for businesses to connect with their customers and partners and for all users to socialize with the world.
  • Famometer – success breeds here. Share your success stories with Famo Page and inspire others.

Things to do at Famometer, to get most out of it.

  • Share Achievements
    • Connect with young generation around the world with like minded ones from various disciplines.
    • Enables everyone including young students and their parents to create a chronological record of achievements of one’s life.
    • Share with teachers, coaches, mentors to get their endorsements and recommendations, further attesting and bolstering the achievements when they actually happened.
  • Find DEALS!
    • New deals are added everyday, visit Famometer to find today’s great DEALS!
  • Create Your Page and Earn Money
    • Create three types of pages – Company PagePersonal Profile Page and Famo Page
    • Earn money while promoting your business, personal profile and specific cause or general agenda while socializing these pages.
  • Social Networking
    • Famometer provides its own flavor of Social Networking Engine to stay in constant touch with your friends, family, colleagues and all.
    • Share Comments, Invite Friends, Upload pictures, Attach Link & do lot more…
  • Buy or Sell Items
    • Buy or Sell items of your choice for FREE
  • Ask questions, find answers, post an event or a note
    • Free to ask questions, free to answer questions.
    • Post an event information in your area or share new recipe you have discovered.
    • Ask or suggest a Nanny, Child Care, Local Schools, etc.
  • Read Latest News
    • While you are visiting us, we provide you with the latest news in various categories, such as, business, personal finance, technology, sales leadership, healthcare, etc.
    • To keep you fit and maintain healthy habits – Health Tip of the Day is a good read to start your day.

Business Services

  • Business Advertisement
    • FREE business listing.
    • Low cost and affordable advertisement for your business.
    • Banner displays with three different sizes – 250×250, 600×80 and 120×600 to promote your business.
    • Very easy to create advertisement and publish instantly.
    • Promote your new venture or startup company.
  • Social Networking
    • Famometer provides its own flavor of Social Networking Engine to stay in constant touch with your customers, partners and all.
    • Reach out to many users instantly using social networking at Famometer.
  • Customer/User Insights
    • We track the CTR (Click Through Rates) for each advertisement Banners and Deals to help you analyze which advertisement is effective and getting more clicks. This will help you generate more traffic by placing high performing advertisements in front of the visitors.
    • Add unlimited deals and update regularly to make your customers keep coming back!
  • Create your company page to promote your business
    • Describe your unique business services in detail and difference it can make to people’s lives.
    • Delight users with information on your company page and draw them to reach out to you to become your valuable customers.
    • Check out some examples of business pages here

Visit us to explore further and join us at Famometer today.